FAMILY Arts provides foster, adopted, and kinship care young adults (16-24) with job skills training classes in the arts and media. These young adults are working, learning new job skills, and are ready for their first entry-level position. 


Call to inquiry about upcoming classes. (702) 235-5490 

(FAM)  is the title of all programs which means: Foster, Adopt, Mentor

FAM Treats

(Culinary Arts Training)

FAM Treats culinary arts training is for foster youth between the ages of 14-20 who wants a career in the food and/or the hospitality industry. This eight-week classroom training offers youth hands on experience, certifications and job placement assistant. Students may have the opportuity to work on special events.

FAM on Stage

(Performing Arts Training) 

FAM on Stage One of the world's greatest Hip Hop artist: Darrly "DMC" McDaniels from the world famous Rap group "Run DMC" is a former foster/adopted youth whom love for the arts landed him in the:  Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.


Youth (14-20) with a love for the performing arts will gain first hand job skills training in performing. Youth learn about careers on stage or off the stage and how to started in show business.  

FAM CARES Magazine, Newspaper, Blog, Radio, Televsion and Internet training.  This program is inspired by Oprah Winfrey the media mogul and a kinship care youth. This program teaches foster youth 14-20 job skills in print, broadcast, internet and marketing.Youth in this program develop a community magazine called Black Card Gifts and KFAM Youth Radio 

FAM Cares 

(Media Arts Training)

Youth News  Magazine

(Black Card Gifts)

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FAM Repairs  

(Home Repair Training)

FAM Repairs provides young adults18-24 the opportunity to work on small household projects supervised licensed professionals. 

FAM Birthday Wishes

This is FAMILY Arts best keep secerts. In honor of Grandmothers who always have something special waiting on their grand loves. We plan and host Free Birthday Parties for needy foster children 6-12 years old.

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