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Our History

WHALER's Creation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. WHALER's Creation began in Washington, DC with a program called History on Stage.  This performing arts program provided arts as a way for youth to enhance their love of the arts.  Youth learned how to produce, direct and participate in shows all across the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. These shows allowed WHALER's Creation the opportunity to educate communities about the vast need for people to consider becoming foster/adopted parents and mentors. From then to now we have taught hundreds of youth job skills in the performing, media and culinary arts.  


"W.H.A.L.E.R." is an acronym consisting of the first letters of people who inspired the development of WHALER's Creation by their love and deep devotion to family and the community: Willie, Hattie, Augustus, Lillie, Earl, and Rebecca.

The organization is overseen by a hands-on board of directors with a two-year commitment to the organization. Board members can serve another two years to conclude a full term. Our board of directors, staff, and volunteers consist of former foster youth, adoptees, mentors, chefs, entertainers, media professions, social workers, business owners, lawmakers, students, and educators.

Our Values

Mission Statement: Raising awareness about the need for foster/adoptive parents and mentors to older youth transitioning out of foster care into independent living. And provide life skills training that includes job, financial literacy, housing and healthy meals to prevent a 50/50 change of homelessness upon this population.

Vision Statement: From City-to-City, Coast-to-Coast and Nation-to-Nation...Our focus is F.A.M.I.L.Y. Foster, Adopt, Mentor, Investing in the Lives of Youth. 


We believes that every child should have a special family bond regardless if it's a biological bond or not. Many times, foster youth will bond with friends or others with whom a sage and positive relationship have developed. We understand that it doesn't matter how "family" ties are connected, but rather that the connection is made. It takes a community to guide children to become amazing, productive adults. Foster youth has a greater sense of urgency. Foster and adoptive parents, as well as mentors, are needed to support, love, and provide life-long connections to our most vulnerable youth. 

How can I help?

Foster, Adopt, Mentor

A licensed foster family home is one that is approved by the State to provide care for children and that meets basic standards of safety set by law and regulation. Laws and policies for licensing or approving family foster homes vary considerably from State to State. 


Most States require that prospective foster parent(s): 

  •  Have sufficient family income, separate from the foster care reimbursement, to meet the family’s needs and financial obligations 

  • Have sufficiently good physical health to be able to meet the demands of caring for children 

  • Are free of communicable diseases, illnesses, or disabilities that would either endanger the child or interfere with the provision of care 

  •  Have no evidence of mental health conditions that would impair the ability to provide safe, consistent care for children 

  • Possess a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and sufficient vehicle insurance


Please check your state for further criteria or click here.

Annual Special and Fundraising Events
  • Benefit Concert

  • Fashion Shows

  • Talent Competition

  • Run Walk

  • Youth Praise Awards Dinner


We also accept the following as donations:

  • New clothes (every size)

  • Electronic games

  • School supplies

  • Gift cards, cash, or check

  • Broadcasting equipment

  • Household goods and furniture

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Video cameras

  • Digital cameras

  • Editing equipment

  • Microphones and mic stands

  • Musical instruments

  • Office supplies and furniture

Contact Us

Please call  (702) 235-5490 or email to arrange donation pick up. 


​US Mail: 8550 W Charleston Blvd #102  

Las Vegas, NV 89117

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History of Community Collaboration


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