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Our History

WHALER's Creation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, was born in Washington, DC with a mission to educate the public about the crucial need for foster and adoptive parents. Our aim was to organize events providing a platform for local and national Child Welfare Agencies, as well as current and former foster youth, to spotlight the pressing need for foster and adoptive parents in the DC area. In 2009, WHALER's initiated its inaugural program, History on Stage, catering to teens in foster care. This program, deeply rooted in the performing arts, sought to foster a love for creative expression among young individuals. Participants acquired invaluable skills in scriptwriting, production, various technical roles, set design, wardrobe, makeup, and sound. These talented youths showcased their productions across the DC tri-state area, including Washington, DC; Northern Virginia; and Southern Maryland. These performances served as powerful advocacy platforms, shedding light on the urgent need for foster/adoptive parents and mentors, while also providing an artistic outlet for the participants. Many attributed this program with enabling youths to transform their traumatic experiences into sources of self-healing.


Since its inception, WHALER's Creation has positively impacted hundreds of young lives. One of its notable initiatives is the creation of a magazine initially named Just Like Me, written by current and former foster youth. This publication has evolved into Youth News, authored by a diverse range of contributors including current and former foster youth, parents, and community leaders.


Now, located in Las Vegas, NV, WHALER's Creation offers job training classes, financial literacy education, housing and food for older teens and young adults. Our job training classes expose participants to various careers in performing arts, media arts, culinary arts, and more, with mentors sharing their personal career journeys and insights into success.


The acronym "W.H.A.L.E.R." represents individuals first names whose unwavering commitment to family, love, and community has inspired the mission of WHALER's Creation. Their teachings served as the foundation upon which the founder of WHALER's Creation built an organization dedicated to supporting the needs of others, paving the way for the enduring success of older teens and young adults in need of guidance, support and love, not handouts.

Our Values

Mission Statement: Our mission is to raise awareness about the critical need for foster/adoptive parents and mentors for older youth transitioning out of foster care into independent living. We are committed to providing comprehensive life skills training encompassing employment, financial literacy, housing, and nutrition to mitigate the 50/50 risk of homelessness faced by this population.


Vision Statement: WHALER's Creation envisions a future where life skills services are accessible to older teens and young adults aged 14-25 across cities, coasts, and nations. We firmly believe that every child deserves a nurturing familial bond, whether biological or chosen. Often, foster youth form meaningful connections with friends or mentors, and we recognize the importance of these bonds in shaping their lives. We understand that familial ties are not solely defined by biology but by the strength of the connection itself. Guiding children towards successful adulthood requires a united community effort, with foster and adoptive parents, along with mentors, playing pivotal roles in offering support, love, and enduring connections to our most vulnerable youth.

How can I help? Foster, Adopt, Mentor

Become a licensed foster parent. The Department of Child Welfare in each state as well as and other organizations  to have information to get you state in this process: Most States require that prospective foster parent(s): 

  •  Have sufficient family income, separate from the foster care reimbursement, to meet the family’s needs and financial obligations 

  • Have sufficiently good physical health to be able to meet the demands of caring for children 

  • Are free of communicable diseases, illnesses, or disabilities that would either endanger the child or interfere with the provision of care 

  •  Have no evidence of mental health conditions that would impair the ability to provide safe, consistent care for children 

  • Possess a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and sufficient vehicle insurance


Please check your state for further criteria or click here.

Annual Special and Fundraising Events
  • Benefit Concert

  • Fashion Shows

  • Talent Competition

  • Run Walk

  • Youth Praise Awards Dinner


We also accept the following as donations:

  • New clothes (every size)

  • Electronic games

  • School supplies

  • Gift cards, cash, or check

  • Broadcasting equipment

  • Household goods and furniture

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Video cameras

  • Digital cameras

  • Editing equipment

  • Microphones and mic stands

  • Musical instruments

  • Office supplies and furniture

Contact Us

Please call  (702) 235-5490 or email to arrange donation pick up. 


​US Mail: 8550 W Charleston Blvd #102  

Las Vegas, NV 89117

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History of Community Collaboration


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