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*** Programs *** 

FAM =Foster, Adopt, Mentor is the title for our programs. and services. We provide job training in the Arts and other professions through mentors to older teens and young adults 14-25 years old. 

Young people gain skills and knowledge needed to obtain entry-level to more advance positions in a loving and nurturing environment. Life-skills training is incorporated in classes that includes: financial literacy, work behavior, interview dressing, caring for your home and social media do’s and don’t. 

Financial Literacy 
Financial literacy classes provide essential knowledge and skills necessary to navigate older teens and young adults' personal finances effectively, empowering them to make informed decisions and lay a strong foundation for their financial future. Students learn banking, business, budgeting, managing expenses, understanding credit and debt, saving and investing, and making informed financial decisions for long-term stability and success.

Gourmet Meals
FAM Treats 

FAM Treats is our culinary arts job training class for youth (ages 14-25). These young people have an  interested in a career in the food and/or hospitality industry. Classes are in-person and virtual. This is a 12 week course with on-going options at the conclusion of graduation. Students have the opportunity to show off their skills when catering special events.

Mentoring Meals
This program was born from the inspiration of a former foster youth in Washington, DC who ascended to a leadership position in a utility company. Arriving in his chauffeured limousine to address students in our culinary arts job training class, he surprised us all with his humility. Shedding his tailored suit jacket, loosening his silk tie, removing his custom-made cufflinks, and rolling up his sleeves, he donned an apron and joined our students in the kitchen. Together, they cooked, laughed, and shared stories. After the meal was prepared, he sat down to dine with the students, sparking the idea for Mentoring Meals. This initiative invites high-level professionals to share a meal with students, discussing their careers and the paths to their success in an informal and engaging setting. Conversations are often recorded and aired on our YouTube channel under FAMversations, used as a story in Youth News and/or go unrecorded.

Dance Class
FAM on Stage

This 12-week preforming arts job training class offers youth the opportunity to create and perform. Youth with an interest in performing: dance, music, comedy, theater, vocals and visual arts, including the business, marketing, sales and management. Students learn from top professionals in the industry.  Youth write, produce, direct, and perform shows they create. At the conclusion of this course students receive a certificate and often continual their studies.

Live Show Recording
FAM Cares

This media arts on-going  job training class was inspired by Oprah Winfrey the media mogul and a former kinship care youth. This program teaches youth job skills in publishing print/internet, broadcast, and marketing. The emphasis is placed on working with our monthly magazine, radio/television station and social media shows. 

Leak Repairs
FAM Repairs

FAM Repairs is a hands-on job training program that provides young adults (ages 18-25) the opportunity to work on various household projects. This cause includes a certificate of completion. Students are supervised by licensed professionals.

*** Services ***

Housing is available for young adults 18 and older who has completed our one of ou job training program and matched with a job or working full-time.


Food and meals are provided to young adults in our homes. Students in the culinary arts program also support our communities by creating and donating meals. 

Colorful Birthday Party
Hattie's Birthday Parties

This is FAMILY Arts best keep secret. In honor of Grandmothers who always have something special waiting on their grands. We plan and host Free Birthday Parties for foster children 6-12 years old.

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