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Foster! Adopt! Mentor!
What are the Specifications to become a Foster/Adoptive Parent & Mentor?

To become a foster/adoptive parent you must: Be at least 21, Have adequate living space, Adequate income, Pass FBI background check, Attend required classes. To get started complete the Foster/Adopted Parent and Mentor Application. Please contact us for more info or check here.




We ship our products to the whole country.

If you would like to order products that are not listed in our shopping page please contact us for details.



What W.H.A.L.E.R. acronym stands for?

W.H.A.L.E.R. is an acronym consisting of the first letter of people who inspired the development of WHALER's Creation by their love and deep devotion to family:  "Willie, Hattie, Augustus, Lillie, Earl, and Rebecca"



How can I support WHALER’s Creation?

Foster/Adoptive Parents and Mentors are needed to support, love and proving life-long connections to foster youth. We are looking for:

Foster / Adoptive Parents and Mentors. Check for more here. Contact us for more info. 

Donations are needed year round. Please donate clothes, gift cards, household goods, school supplies, and kitchen equipment.

If you wish to donate cash, please visit our donors page, page, and give us a testimonial as to why you support WHALER’s Creation.

If you are a company or agency, you could become one of our valued sponsors and partners.

You can also visit our shopping-page and purchase one of our products to support us.

Youth work under the direction of general contractors. Our hands on training is for youth interested in a career in construction.

And of course, your partitipation to our events, is the greatest support.



How can WHALER’s Creation support you?


If you need the support of our community, please contact us to arrange a meeting. You can find our provided classes in our calendar page.

If you are seeking work, please visit our Job Seeker page. Click here to learn more about us.


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