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FAMILY Arts @ WHALER's Creation promotes the tremendous need for foster/adoptive parents and mentors to share their love with youth in need of caring adults. Too many youth are orphaned, abandoned neglected and abused in this country. We need you to answer the call and support a youth in need.  FAMILY Arts @ WHALER's Creation goal is to connect older children and teens with loving homes and mentors. Older children and teens are most overlooked and remain in foster care longer then younger children.  FAMILY Arts strives to dispel concerns people may have about reaching out to older children and teens.    


We are recruiting professionals, blue collar workers, married couples, single people and the elderly to welcome our nation's most vulerable children and teens. We want people who cares about the welfare of these children and teens.  


Children and teens have so much love inside and it is like magic when children connects with an caring healthy minded adult.  Connecting children and teens with the right people can have a tremendous impact in their lives for a lifetime.

Former Foster Youth

  • George "Babe" Ruth,  Professional Baseball Player

  • Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Computer

  • John Lennon, Former singer with the Beatles

  • Dave Pelzer, Author of "A Child Called IT"

  • Malcolm (X) 

  • Ice T, Rapper, TV and movies star

  • Dan O'Broen, an Olympic athlete

  • Duante Culpepper, NFL football Player

  • Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Rapper RUN DMC

Foster Care Statistics

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